Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Cuts

This summer has been HOT. With the heat, the first thing I think of is getting my HAIR off my neck. Haircut anyone? Well that's what I have been doing all summer. My cutting shears haven't seen this much action since I worked in a salon full time. If you haven't heard by now, I cut off Alicia Keys hair into a super sexy nape length bob. She has the flexibility to wear her hair smooth and sleek or super curly (which is my fave).

In addition to cutting her hair, I have been doing some cutting trials on a few other major celebs.....Of course I cant mention until they are ready to reveal, but I promise you will LOVE the finished results.

Oh, BTW, did I mention I cut my hair too. I  have been nursing my HAIR back to health over the last 2 years with HAIR by tippi shorter, of course, and I finally had enough length to cut my hair into a layered bob at the nape. Short hair is so liberating, I absolutely enjoy the shortened time it  takes to do my hair. I got what we call a "chemical cut" in the salon. It was a forced cut due to the Keratin treatment I got a few years back. Now my hair is uber healthy and I have gone back to my good old faithful of texturizing my hair twice a year.
Lesson from all of this, take the risk and try something new with your length whether is from a forced cut or you do it voluntarily. Let your hairstyle have a bit of freedom.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


HELLO to all my curly girls out there....
I have been working on a curly cream infused with Argan Oil that will hydrate, moisturize and defrizz your curls all while keeping them soft and touchable.......
Who likes crunchy curls?????? not me......
You will receive a trial size Glaze when you purchase Curly Cream through march...(while supplies last of course).
Spring is here and its time to let your curls hang...
check out this video I did about transitioning featuring the Curly cream
sorry, the contest has already happened.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


if you missed the makeover on the Wendy Williams show for breast cancer awareness month.....check me out HERE

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

want to get Alicia Keys gorgeous curls....

Have you seen Alicia Keys gorgeous curls lately...
For the press of her directing debut for FIVE on lifetime, we chose to go with a different take on her natural curl. Here is a step by step using HAIR by tippi shorter.
*shampoo and condition with the smoothing line
*spray Dtangle throughout hair to detangle of course.
*mix a cocktail of Glaze and Flex and run it through the hair making sure to saturate each curl.
*using a diffuser, dry hair while stretching out the curl and start creating your center part.
*once hair is dry, use a pinky size curling iron to fix any curl that may need a little more shaping.
*use a couple of drops of Sleek to scrunch shine into the hair.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

launching HAIR by Tippi Shorter

I would love the thank all of you for visiting my website and blog. Your support has been amazing and I will make it my priority to bring you great HAIR care products, helpful tips and simple steps to getting your best HAIR ever!
I have been speaking on behalf of some really great brands for the last 6 years and knew it was time to step out and bring my knowledge and own healthy HAIR brand to you. This line is for women in need of moisture. The debut line "The Smoothing Collection" is for women with all hair types that want to combat their frizz in a chemical free way. Whether you are natural or chemically straightened, the Smoothing Collection will help eliminate frizz while getting you on your way to the healthiest, shiniest, most GORGEOUS HAIR ever......